Friday, July 29, 2016

Important Bird Areas

The Audubon Important Bird Areas Program was initiated in Indiana in 1998 through the commitment and comprehensive efforts of a volunteer coordinator and the establishment of the Indiana IBA technical committee. The committee is composed of the state's leading ornithologists, ecologists, and conservationists who represent various natural heritage, wildlife management and conservation, and academic and research institutions throughout Indiana. In January, 2005, the National Audubon Society hired James Cole as its first full-time IBA coordinator for Indiana.

Cole worked for almost 4 years to create an inventory of 40 locations within the state that contain reservoirs of bird abundance and diversity, identifying them as Important Bird Areas. In September, 2005, the first 13 state IBAs were identified. A second 13 sites were added in early 2006. A third round of 14 sites was added in May, 2007. In September of 2009, Dr. Ross Brittain was hired as the Indiana Director of Bird Conservation to replace James Cole as the National Audubon Society representative in the state. Dr. Brittain also added one more IBA to the state in 2010 (Hillenbrand FWA).

Birding in Indiana

If you are interested in birding in Indiana, volunteers have constructed a detailed map and location information on our website. Find out where to bird watch in Indiana

To view the progress of the IBA initiative throughout the country, visit the National Audubon Society - Indiana IBA Sites.

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