Thursday, December 18, 2014

IBRC Members 2014

Michael Retter--Chair (through 2014)

David Ayer (through 2016)

Amy Kearns (through 2014)

John Kendall (through 2014)

Jim Hengeveld (through 2015)

Matt Hale (through 2015)

Lee Sterrenburg (through 2014)

Evan Speck (through 2015)



Indiana Bird Records Committee


The Indiana Bird Records Committee (IBRC) evaluates the evidence for records of birds that are rare or unusual in Indiana and maintains a state checklist. The IBRC also maintains a Review List of birds that require documentation. Anyone observing a bird on the Review List should submit written documentation along with any photographic evidence to the IBRC chairman.

By judging the authenticity of these submitted reports, our aim is to contribute to the study of bird population and vagrancy.  For more information about our committee's purpose and procedures, feel free to browse our Bylaws.

Documentation of rare birds or questions about the IBRC should be directed to the IBRC Chairman, Michael Retter at ( 


Bohemian Waxwing at Indiana Dunes State Park. Photo by John Kendall.

Roseate Spoonbill at Goose Pond Fish and Wildlife Area 2009.  Photo by Jim Sullivan.