Sunday, November 23, 2014
About Darel Heitkamp

Darel Heitkamp has been volunteering for the Indiana Audubon Society since 1998.  He developed the Indiana Audubon Society's Online Birding Guide, which featured timely pieces such as monthly articles and bird photos submitted by Indiana birders.  Of all the features offered on the Online Birding Guide, it was the sharing and posting of bird photos that he found to be of particular interest to birders.  He found the online photo sharing site Flickr empowered photographers with the ability to upload their photos and make their own editing decisions, and so the "IAS Bird Gallery and Archive" photo group was begun in March 2003.  Indeed, Darel and the IAS have made a good team over the years in terms of internet technology and sharing information with the birding community.

Darel is a physician practicing thoracic radiology at the Indiana University Medical Center in Indianapolis.  He is married with four children.

Indiana Audubon Society Photo Gallery

Welcome to the IAS Photo Gallery, a beautifully arranged, up-to-date direct feed from the Indiana Audubon Society's Bird Gallery and Archive group on Flickr.  This handsome slideshow displays the 20 bird photographs most recently added to the IAS Bird Gallery on Flickr, a popular photo sharing website on the internet.  Since March 2006, over 11,000 photos of Indiana birds in their natural habitats have been added to the IAS Bird Gallery by over 300 Indiana bird photographers and nature enthusiasts, establishing an unparalleled resource for birders of all skill levels. 

The redesigned IAS website certainly provides a convenient venue to share these photos.  Be sure to check back often, as the photos are updated daily!

Darel E. Heitkamp

Indiana Audubon Society Bird Gallery on Flickr

How to Use Flickr

To post your photos to this set of bird pictures taken in Indiana, Indiana Audubon Society's Bird Gallery and Archive group (, be sure to make one of the tags IAS.

The tags you put on your photos are used by people searching for pictures in some particular category. They should always include IAS, your name, the name of the bird, the location and the county. Here, for example, are the tags that Darel Heitkamp used for one of his pictures:Least Sandpipers

  • IAS
  • Darel
  • Heitkamp
  • Least
  • Sandpiper
  • shorebird
  • Lebanon
  • Business
  • Park
  • Boone
  • County
  • pond
  • mudflat