Monday, July 25, 2016

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IYBC Committee

Chad Williams, Chair
Scott Arvin
Brad Bumgardner
John Velasquez
Amy Wilms
Amanda Smith
Kimberly Ehn

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Youth Advisors

Landon Neumann
Scarlett Arvin
Aidan Rominger

Matthias Benko

Membership Levels
Up to 11  Fledglings
Ages 12 – student Young Birders
Non-students - Adults Adults Sponsors
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Our 2015 Award Winners are....

2015 Indiana Young Birder of the Year - Aidan Rominger

2015 Indiana Fledgling of the Year - Ryan Barone

2015 Youth Conservation Awareness Award - Samantha Ackley

2015 Youth Conservation Awareness Award - Matthias Benko

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