Tuesday, July 26, 2016
Archiving Project

Indiana Audubon Quarterly 1939

The Indiana Audubon Society is currently working on a project to digitize past issues of the Indiana Audubon Quarterly (IAQ). Members will be able to download the journals and, in addition, the small files will be searchable.

The first publication was published in 1920. An abundance of history and interesting facts are held within the journals along with poems, memorials, and data that has been collected in Indiana by IAS members.

Issues will be added as time allows. If you are looking for a specific issue that has not been added to our online website, please contact Amy Wilms .

How to Receive IAS Publications


Login with your username and password to view the publications online. If you did not receive instructions on how to login to the website please contact

Members who wish to continue receiving the publications by mail are asked to make a $10 contribution when renewing their membership.

The current issue of the Cardinal Newsletter is online (please login to view). The next issue of the Indiana Audubon Quarterly will be available soon.

New Members

New members will automatically receive the electronic versions of the publications. IAS is requesting a $10 donation to help cover printing and mailing costs. 


Indiana Audubon Society Publications

Indiana Audubon Quarterly

The Indiana Audubon Quarterly (IAQ) is the ornithological journal of record for the state of Indiana.  It is published four times a year and features articles specifically devoted to Indiana ornithological information as well as timely articles on other natural history subjects, bird and wildflower census materials, and literature reviews.

The Cardinal

The Cardinal is the bimonthly electronic newsletter of the Society.  The purpose of the Cardinal is to keep members notified of happenings on environmental issues, announce important Society dates and activities, report on meetings of officers and the Board of Directors, and provide information on field trips of interest to members. 

The Society publications are a benefit of membership and electronic copies of current and archived issues can be viewed online and/or downloaded once you log into the site using your membership ID and password.  If you are not a member and wish to view the publications, please join now.

The Quarterly and the Cardinal rely on the Society membership to provide articles on Indiana birdlife and natural history, news and general interest information.  Please contact the Quarterly editor, John Kendall, or the Cardinal editor, John Lindsay, to submit an article for publication. An online submission form will be coming soon!

BNA Announcement

Birds of North America Logo

Cornell Lab of Ornithology Logo


As of March 1, 2010, the Indiana Audubon Society (IAS) is pleased to announce an exciting new membership benefit for our online members.  Included with your online membership* is a subscription to Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s online Birds of North America (BNA), a comprehensive reference of North America’s breeding birds.  

The print version of BNA encompasses 18 volumes, over 18,000 pages and took the American Ornithologists’ Union, Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology and the Academy of Natural Sciences 10 years to complete.  The online version is an updatable living reference which includes the life history information detailed in the print version and has the added benefit of including calls, songs, video and supplemental information.  Read more about the project at  

The annual BNA subscription cost is $42 but IAS is proud to offer this service to its online members at no additional cost.  IAS is able to provide this benefit due to the tremendous response in migrating mail delivery of The Indiana Audubon Quarterly and The Cardinal to electronic delivery in 2009.  The special committee for Publications and Website proposed the idea to the IAS Board during the January 2010 meeting and it was enthusiastically accepted.  The committee believes BNA access to be a significant benefit to current online members and hopes to use BNA as a tool to recruit new members.

In order to access BNA, you will be required to login to the IAS webpage as usual.  From there, go to the Birds of North America link on the Publications menu. You will need to login to it at the bottom of the page where it says Other club and association members login here. Again use your IAS username and password.

Access to BNA will be granted on a quarterly basis for all new members. New access is granted in March, June, September, and December. 

* The BNA benefit will not be included with the Library, Fledgling, and Young Birder memberships.  To receive the BNA benefit, members must agree to receive the publications online. Members who prefer to receive the publications by mail can receive the BNA benefit by donating $10 a year to help cover the extra cost of printing and postage.

Sneak Peak

Are you wondering how long it will take to download the electronic issue of the Cardinal and IAQ? 

Although some issues are larger than others, we are working diligently to ensure the files are small enough to download (even if using dial-up). You are welcome to download the issues below!


May 2009 Issue


May 2009 Issue (pdf)

Advertising in the Cardinal

The Indiana Audubon Society has over 500 memberships.  What better way to advertise your birding tour, trip, or related product.  The Indiana Audubon Society produces it's premiere publication, the Cardinal, six times a year.  Ads can be placed for related birding topics, ranging from 1/6 page to full page layouts.  To get more information on our ad guidelines, visit here!